Custom Wedding/Reception Music

Want to make your wedding extra special? We can write custom music for your wedding or reception to give your loved one a day they'll never forget!


  1. Piano/Guitar- $40/minute of music
  2. Piano and strings- $75/minute of music
  3. Combination of 5 instruments- $100/minute of music


Music Consultation

We will provide a detailed brief of the musical requirements we believe your projects needs including styles, instruments, context, etc. We can either write it in a Word document or have a chat on Skype!


  1. $15/page or half hour of Skype convo
  2. 10% off purchase of music


Voice Lessons

Jacob Wilkins is an experienced vocalist and instructor, and would love to help you get your voice in shape! We will teach you excercises, warm ups, and techniques that will take you from beginner singing in the shower to singing for a band!