Animation Credits

Check out these animation projects that commissioned Goatee Composition and Scoring to write music for!


Your art is shit

Your art is shit. If you are an artist, writer, musician, animator, filmmaker…any creative practitioner, really, this statement will sting. It is the ghostly shadow that creeps about at the back of the mind. It hovers over even our best work, throwing punches of doubt at our self-confidence. Not even the most talented escape this fear, but fears are dwarfed when they are brought to light. Dylan Carter's short animation Your Art is Shit voices the negative thoughts that frequent creative minds through a lovely, but biting female voice. And it watching it start to finish feels like a big sigh of relief. It has amassed over  120,000 views on Vimeo as an official Vimeo Staff Pick.



ARMSmasters is a 2D animated action-fantasy, anime inspired, web-series adventure being developed by a handful of established and emerging artists based in the Metro Detroit area in Southeastern Michigan. The teaser proof of concept micro-episode titled: PHASE ZERO is now available for viewing on social media outlets. Animation by Alpha Omega Animation, direction by Michael Winn.

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This animation was made for The Animation Workshop's Short Short program, 2016.

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NCAR is a toolbox for the arts

The survival of arts organizations is crucial. We put our heads together and created The National
Center for Arts Research (NCAR). We are a toolbox for arts and cultural organizations.  We were commissioned by Southern Methodist University to write music for a small advert for this program. Animation by Dylan Carter.


Adult Swim Bumps

We, in partnership with Titmouse, worked alongside Dylan Carter to deliver 3 seperate animated bumps for Adult Swim. One is available for viewing, click Learn More to view it!


Various Animated Shorts by Dylan Carter

  • White Noise Machine
  • Loves Me, Loves Me Not
  • Fireworks
  • Spider Bite
  • Red Snow

To view these shorts, click the "Learn More" button!


Various animated shorts by fredrik Bjorkland

  • Animate in Your Opponent
  • A Way Back Home
  • Desperate Measures

To view these shorts, click the "Learn More" button!