Cover/Recreation instumental commissions

Check out some of our clients with whom we occasionally recreate or provide unique instrumentals for their Youtube channels or passion projects!


Lizz Robinett

From her YouTube channel:

I'm Lizz, a singer from California in the USA. I sing covers of all kinds of neat stuff, like Cartoons, Disney Movies, Anime, Video Game Music and even the occasional Vocaloid song too!

Projects Commissioned by Lizz:

??? - Upload Scheduled for late Feb.

??? - Upload Scheduled for March

??? - Upload Scheduled for March


Kayli "Kiyo" Mills

From her site:

"Kayli Mills is a professional voice actress, lyricist, vocalist, musician and audio engineer located in Los Angeles, California. She has lent her voice to many video games and commercials for clients including Facebook, Shopkins, Aniplex, Battlerite, Heroes of Newerth, Elephant Games and many more."

Projects Commissioned by Kayli:

- "Eternal Snow" cover- from Full Moon wo Sagashite (27K views)

- "Shining Bright" cover- from League of Legends (TBU)

- ???- Project to be discolsed in the near future

- ??? (TBU; featuring Nathan Rideout on guitar)


Nola Klop

From her site:

"Nola Klop (24) is a voice actress, singer, composer and sound designer. After completing the Bachelor of Music with Honors in 2016 in Composition for the Media, she now holds the Master of Music at the Utrecht School of the Arts. From the very beginning, Nola is fascinated by sound. Nola found entertainment and consolation in theater, animation, games and music. As a storyteller, she makes a lot of passion for media, whether by voice, music or sound design."

Projects Commissioned by Nola:

- "Miraculous Ladybug Theme" cover- from Miraculous Ladybug (TBU; featuring Nathan Rideout on guitar)

- "My Past is Not Today" cover from Equestria Grils (1.5M Views; featuring Nathan Rideout on guitar)

- "It's Over, Isn't it?" cover from Steven Universe (3K views)

- 5 songs from ??? (TBU)


Mark de groot

From his Youtube Channel:

"My name is Mark de Groot, a 24 year old Dutch guy whose dream is to become a professional voice actor/singer. Here on my channel you will mostly find English anime covers, from shows like Pokémon, Yu-Gi-Oh! and Dragon Ball. Working together with some really talented lyricists, I try to give you covers of good quality on a regular basis. Every now and then I might also upload a Dutch cover or fandub. Dutch is my native language and it's easier for me to work in Dutch."

Projects Commissioned by Mark:

- "Alola" cover from Pokemon Sun and Moon Anime (400K views; featuring Nathan Rideout on electric guitar)

- "Pose" cover from Pokemon Sun and Moon Anime (TBU)

- "Ducktales Theme" cover from Ducktales (TBU; featuring Nathan Rideout on guitar)

- "Remember Me" from Coco (TBU)


From their YouTube  Channel:

re:TYE is a music group consisting of music producers, lyricists and vocalists who all have one thing in common; we have a passion for anime, JRPG video-games and other related Japanese musical projects. As many fans of Japanese-based media are unable to understand or speak the native Japanese language, we specialize in adapting songs originally released in Japanese into full-length English covers that both Eastern and Western fans can enjoy! 

Projects Commissioned by re:TYE:

- "Over and Over" from Just Because Anime (TBU; featuring Nathan Rideout on Guitar)



From Voices123 Profile:

Some people say Tyler is an eager, fresh, sweet, free spirited, vulnerable, endearing, funny, innocent, airhead. Others would argue he's a conversational, gentle, confident, natural, reassuring, sensitive, intelligent, sincere, intimate storyteller. But Tyler prefers to think of himself as everyone's favorite FAST talking, tongue and cheek, witty, compassionate, shy, earthy, disarming, ethereal detective. Did we mention he specializes in Characters?

Projects Commissioned by SadSynth:

- "Shelter" cover, original by Porter Robinson (6K views)

- "Mystic Messenger Theme" cover from Mystic Messenger (12K views)

- "Lost in Thoughts All Alone" cover from Fire Emblem Fates (12K views)

- "Ninelie" from Kabaneri anime (TBU)

- ??? (In Progress)